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Welcome to Hidden Project

Clothing brand from Bandung, Indonesia

About Us

Hidden Project is a brand of clothing from Bandung, Indonesia. Indonesia is one country that is full of creativity so that we unite a creative design into an outfit that is always a trend in lifestyle.

With a motivation, trust and have their own concept of the Hidden Project meciptakan always different from other clothing industries.

Since 2013

Hidden Project constructed from a person's belief that the owners want to always give the best results with his team. Not only creativity with the design, but we are always innovating and researching the latest lifestyle in Indonesia and internationally.


Desain di baju nya keren dan update, bahannya lumayan enak dipakai serta harganya pas

Arief Rachman

Paling suka sama design yang full gambar tentang otomotif itu dan harganya pas sama design serta kualitasnya. Buat lagi ya yang keren :D

Diar and Friend


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    Dandy Fickry

    Working hard at a young age that makes him want to always give the best
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    Edith Wilianto

    A person who always imagine the sizzle with all your mind
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    Tri Setia Irawan

    Have basic always inspired to be the best produce


Hidden Project Cloth

Hidden Project Cloth

Coming Soon Brand by Hidden Project

coming soon !!

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Workshop Address: Komplek Nusa Hijau A21, Cimahi - Jawa Barat




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